MTB holidays in Saalbach - Austria
MTB holidays in Saalbach - Austria
MTB holidays in Saalbach - Austria
MTB holidays in Saalbach - Austria
MTB holidays in Saalbach - Austria
MTB holidays in Saalbach - Austria
MTB holidays in Saalbach - Austria

MTB holidays in Saalbach - Austria

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Close your eyes, and imagine riding your mountain bike through the Austrian Alps. That’s quite a beautiful sight – and we’re ready to take you there!

The terrain is, as you can imagine, very hilly. Luckily, there’s a lift, which means you’ll have fun most of the time by driving downhill, rather than struggling to conquer the mountains. Also, this means that the tour is suitable for anyone regardless of MTB experience. You’ll get 4 full days of mountain biking with our guides/instructors, and a lift card is included all days.

You’ll stay for 5 nights at our partner hotel in Saalbach, where a delicious breakfast is included. The hotel has all the facilities you’ll need – safe bike storage, a bike workshop, and a proper bike wash.

The programme lasts from Tuesday, where you’ll arrive at the hotel in the evening, to Sunday after breakfast. That makes four entire days full of mountain biking, fun and socializing. However, we can also customize a tour for you, where you can stay as long as you wish. In that case, just write to us.

To get the best tour, we recommend that you bike on an Enduro mountain bike. Bring your own or rent a top-of-the-line Santa Cruz Hightower / Santa Cruz Hightower LT from us.

Available for additional purchase: 

  • Bike rental of a Santa Cruz Hightower / Santa Cruz Hightower LT: 180 €.
  • Single room at the hotel: 110 € for your entire stay.
  • Rental bike insurance: 10 € per day. 

Not included:

  • Transport to/ from Saalbach, Austria.
  • Lunch - we'll eat our lunch at different local restaurants each day.
  • Dinner - it's free time, but we encourage our guests to go out with us for dinner at different local restaurants. 

Day 1:

We’ll bike to Leogang, where we’ll bike downhill through the Bikepark. Then we’ll take the lift  back up to the top, from where we’ll bike on the ridge to a local restaurant, where we’ll enjoy our lunch. After lunch we’ll ride down to the village, take the lift up again and bike further up in the mountains, and thereafter we’ll drive back towards the hotel.

  • Total climb: 900 metres
  • Total descent: 3.000 metres
  • Total length: 45 kilometres

Day 2:

On day 2 we’ll take the lift up to Hinterglem. From here we’ll be driving uphill for about an hour, whereafter we’ll catch a long descent. We’ll enjoy our lunch in the mountains. After lunch we’ll hit towards the village, and take the lift up to the opposite ridge. From there, we’ve got a 10 kilometres descent back towards the hotel.

  • Total climb: 900 metres
  • Total descent: 4.100 metres
  • Total length: 52 kilometres 

Day 3:

We’ll bike to Leogang again. From Leogang we’ll take a natural Enduro trail downhill outside of the Bikepark. We’ll bike back up to the top, and take the Enduro trail once more to train MTB techniques. Then we’ll take the lift up again from Leogang and eat our lunch at the mountain top. After lunch we’ll ride back to Saalbach, where we’ll take the lift up on the opposite side. Here, we’ll bike further out into the mountains. Afterwards, we’ll bike back to the hotel. 

  • Total climb: 800 metres
  • Total descent: 3.150 metres
  • Total length: 55 kilometres

 Day 4: 

As some of our guests might have sore legs here on our last mountain-biking-day, we won’t have much biking uphill. We’ll take the lift instead, and bike some nice, long descents. After lunch we’ll use our afternoon biking the trails, you’d like to try once more – and you’ll also have time for some extra technical courses with our instructors. 

  • Total climb: 100 metres
  • Total descent: 2.600 metres
  • Total length: 25 kilometres

To make it as easy as possible for you we’re also offering mountain bike rental. We’ve got two top-of-the-line mountain bikes from Santa Cruz - the Santa Cruz Hightower and the Santa Cruz Hightower LT (Long Travel). 

You have the option to buy an insurance for 10 € per day, which covers repair expenses up to 300 € - if you are so unlucky to damage the bike. If the damage exceeds this amount, your own insurance will have to cover the difference.

Each and every activity with MTB Travels is at your own risk. You will have to sign a disclaimer before departure on the first day. MTB Travels cannot be held responsible for accidents and/or injuries. We strongly recommend that you check your own insurance before departure. 

Remember to bring the necessary safety equipment and warm clothes. Extra tubes and tires for your mountain bike are also recommendable. A helmet is required to attend our tours.