4-day singletrail tour in Harz
4-day singletrail tour in Harz
4-day singletrail tour in Harz
4-day singletrail tour in Harz
4-day singletrail tour in Harz

4-day singletrail tour in Harz

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Are you into fast descents rather than long ascents? Well, then our 4-day singletrail tour in the Harz is the perfect fit for you. We ensure that your skills will be tested when you’re riding the fastest (and funniest) descents of Harz while your heart is pumping faster than ever before. Sounds fun, right?

Don’t worry, we’ll give you a thorough technical training on our technical track in Altenau. Due to our thorough technical training the tour is for everyone – no matter your physical condition or MTB experience. You just have to be willing to challenge yourself.  

The tour requires a full suspension mountain bike with a minimum of 120mm suspension front and back. A dropper post is also recommendable. If you don’t have a proper mountain bike, you are more than welcome to rent one from us. Protection on knees, elbows and back is also necessary. Don’t have any? Don’t worry, we’ve got an extensive range of ISX Protection which you can rent fairly cheap.

4 days full of MTB in the Harz

The tour is from Thursday to Sunday which makes 4 days full of MTB. You’ll be accommodated at our hotel in Altenau. Our hotel is equipped with all the MTB amenities you’ll need; secured bike storage, bike workshop, professional washing facilities e.g.

You’ll get a delicious breakfast every morning and a nice dinner buffet each day which is included. On the tours, we’ll enjoy our lunch at a local restaurant.

An extra night from Wednesday to Thursday is also available for additional purchase. If you choose to take an extra night, you’ll arrive Wednesday afternoon and thereby avoid a long and early drive to the Harz – and you’ll get a day more for MTB. Breakfast Thursday morning is included.



    Day 1: Arrival at our hotel in Altenau in the Harz by noon. The tour starts with technical training at around 2 PM at our own technical track. If time allows for it we’ll bike a short tour in the area surrounding Altenau.

    Day 2: The tour starts at around 9:30 AM after a delicious breakfast buffet. We’ll take a shuttle bus to Hahnenklee, where a 4 hours lift pass for the Bikepark is handed out. After 4 hours of fun in Hahnenklee, we’ll have some lunch. Afterwards, we’ll bike back to Altenau, where we’ll arrive at the hotel around 5 PM. Afterwards, we encourage socializing and tall tales. You can also go and visit the health spa in Altenau.

    Day 3: We’ll also start the third day with a breakfast buffet. At 9:30 AM we’ll take a shuttle bus to Oderbrück – a 20-minute drive. Here we’ll start by biking to Braunlage and a quick visit to the bike park. Afterwards, we’ll either take a lift or bike to the top, where we’ll bike down of the backside of the mountain to Schierke. Here we’ll enjoy our lunch and ride to Torfhaus. From Torfhaus we’ll bike to Altenau on some of the longest and most challenging descents in the Harz. The tour is 45-50 kilometres and 1000 vertical metres.

    Day 4: After breakfast, we’ll drive towards Schulenberg. Here we’ll visit Harz’s oldest and smallest Bikepark, Schulenberg Bikepark, which requires highly technical skills. Bonus info: Lots of professional riders are training here due to the Bikepark’s difficulty. After spending some time in Schulenberg we’ll bike towards Altenau again. We expect to be home at the hotel at around noon.

    To sum up you'll get:

    • 4 days with MTB guides
    • A thorough technical training
    • Lift pass in Braunlage, Hahnenklee and Schulenberg
    • Shuttle to Oderbrück and Hahnenklee Bike park
    • Delicious breakfast and dinner buffet every day
    • MTB hotel with the best amenities
    • 3 nights in a shared two- or three-man room with free WiFi 
    • Large fridge at the hotel with cheap beers and sodas

    We strongly recommend that you are riding on a full suspension mountain bike for the tour. To smoothen things, you can rent a Santa Cruz Tallboy or Santa Cruz Hightower from us. Both of the bikes will handle the terrain easily - and they're quite joyful too! Add insurance, and all repair expenses up to 300 € are covered if the bike gets damaged. If the repair expenses exceed the 300 €, your insurance will have to cover the difference.

    Each and every activity with MTB Travels is at your own risk. You will have to sign a disclaimer before departure on the first day. MTB Travels cannot be held responsible for accidents and/or injuries. We strongly recommend that you check your own insurance before departure. 

    Remember to bring the necessary safety equipment and warm clothes. Extra tubes and tires for your mountain bike are also recommendable. A helmet is required to attend our tours.