What you'll experience in Bad Sachsa.

Tour programme:

Friday: After your arrival in Bad Sachsa, we'll set out for a 30-kilometre tour.

Saturday: We'll go for a 40-60-kilometre trip.

Sunday: After we've enjoyed a great breakfast we'll set out for a 20-kilometre tour in the Bad Sachsa area.

The Ravensberg – a fantastic viewpoint with great MTB trails 

Despite lot’s of mountains in the Harz, The Ravensberg differs from the others with its astonishing viewpoint at an altitude of 692 metres. From Ravensberg there is a barely 4 kilometres long highspeed trail with flow and switch banks down to our hotel in Bad Sachsa.

Großer Knollen – The Southern Harz’s equivalent of The Brocken

Großer Knollen is another attraction worth mentioning. It’s a beautiful viewpoint outside of Bad Lauterberg, and can best be described as The Southern Harz’ equivalent of The Brocken. Großer Knollen has to ascents: A long but more human ascent and a very steep but shorter and more technical ascent. Downhill there are some great flow trails which will test your MTB abilities.

Bad Lauterberg and Sankt Andreasberg

During your tour in Bad Sachsa, you’ll also bike through some of the old and beautiful towns. Among others, we’ll get through Sankt Andreasberg and Bad Lauterberg, where we’ll enjoy our lunch.