Teambuilding tours on mountain bike in the Harz

Get closer to your colleagues through a team building event in the Harz. Here we will put together a customized programme for you, where you, together with your colleagues, will experience the astonishing nature of the Harz on a mountain bike. It’s a great way to form relationships and draw your organization closer together. The tour is also ideal for customer care.

Customized team building tours in the Harz

We can arrange your tour just like you want it. It starts at 225€ for an extended weekend with 2-3 biking days, two nights and without bike rental.

But we’re also capable of offering customized tours with 2-, 3-, 4-, or 5 nights, bike rental, Spa Resort and with all meals included. Just let us know how you want it, and we’ll make it happen.  

Team building is fully tax-deductible

The purpose of the team building tour is to bring you and your colleagues closer together. Having fun and getting some adventurous experiences together is the best way to tie some great personal bonds throughout the organization. Therefore the tour is also fully tax-deductible.

During your tour in the Harz you’ll be together with our tour guides. In our usual good spirit we’ll make sure to show you the very best of the Harz. Since we’re 8 fulltime professional tour guides, we’re able to split you up after MTB experience.

Responsibility and insurance information

Each and every tour with MTB Travels is at your own risk. You will have to sign a disclaimer before departure on the first day. MTB Travels cannot be held responsible for accidents and/or injuries. We strongly recommend that you check your own insurance before departure.

Remember to bring the necessary safety equipment and warm clothes. Extra tubes and tires for your mountain bike is also recommendable. A helmet is required to attend our tours.

Shall we arrange a team building event for your company?

Just call our manager Martin at phone +45 30 25 15 42 and we’ll talk about the possibilities. You are also welcome to fill out the form below. Just remember to mention the name of the company you’re representing, number of participants and wished date of arrival. Thanks!