Group tours on mountain bike

Are you planning to go on a group tour with your friends, MTB club or your colleagues? Go with MTB Travels!

Here you’ll get lots of great experiences with great MTB trails, astonishing nature, challenging terrain and, of course, lot’s of fun! Our tour guides will take care of all the practical and boring stuff - so you’re able to concentrate on your biking and having fun!

We offer customized group tours to Altenau in North Harz, Bad Sacsha in South Harz, Pod Smrkem in The Czech Republic, Saalbach in Austria and Malaga in South Spain.

For all our destinations, it applies that we've found and organized the routes ourselves, and you'll be biking through varying terrain with mountains, singletracks, up- and downhill. We'll have lunch during the tour - either at one of our bike stops (a local restaurant), or a lunch we've brought with us. This depends on the destination. 

The tours includes:

  • Delicious breakfast buffet all days. Dinner buffet is available for additional purchase
  • 3 or 4 days with professional MTB tour guides
  • A great hotel with all the right MTB facilities
  • Shared 2, 3 or 4 man dorms - single rooms is available for additional purchase
  • Large fridge at the hotel with cheap beers and sodas

We'll customize the tours - number of nights and biking days - according to your wishes. Prices starts at 280€ for 4 days with breakfast buffet included.

Team formation is an option. Here you’ll be 8-10 participants with 1 guide. We are 8 fulltime professional tour guides, and we've got plenty of bedst at our hotels, so we are capable of having very large groups.

Mountain bike rental 

To make it as easy as possible for you we’re also offering mountain bike rental. We’ve got an extensive range of mountain bikes from Ridley and Santa Cruz – right from aluminium hardtails to the newest carbon full suspension bikes.

Responsibility and insurance information

Each and every tour with MTB Travels is at your own risk. You will have to sign a disclaimer before departure on the first day. MTB Travels cannot be held responsible for accidents and/or injuries. We strongly recommend that you check your own insurance before departure.

Remember to bring the necessary safety equipment and warm clothes. Extra tubes and tires for your mountain bike is also recommendable. A helmet is required to attend our tours.

Prices and enrollment

Pricing example: 

4 days including breakfast buffet in Altenau or Bad Sachsa for 280€ per person. Dinner buffet is available for additional purchase for 55 € per person. Included is free use of our mountain bike facilities - secured bike storage, professional bike wash, bike workshop and free use of our technical track in our backyard (we've only got the technical track in Altenau).

Send us an e-mail via the form below, or call our manager Martin Nørris on phone +45 30 25 15 42. We'll make sure to arrange a memorable tour for you.