Go experience Malaga and Costa del Sol by mountain bike. You'll love it.

Southern Spain is a great place for mountain biking. Here's plenty of mountains, fast descents, single tracks, switchbacks, rockgardens and much more. Along with our guides, you'll get to ride the very best trails.

Our tours to Malaga are customized according to your wishes. Here below you'll find some package examples.

Accommodation in Calahonda

You'll be accommodated at Finca Naundrup in Calahonda in a nice flat. Here you'll also get nice facilities such as a bike workshop, secured bike storage and professional bike wash. The Danish host couple Peter and Jane provide for a delicious breakfast and lunch for our trips. You can enjoy a delightful dinner at Finca Naundrup or at a local restaurant in the city.

A proper mountain bike is much needed

It can be quite inconvenient to haul a mountain bike aboard a plane. Luckily you can rent a brand new and top-of-the-line mountain bike from us. We’ve got a good selection of mountain bikes from Santa Cruz at very competitive prices. If you choose to bring your own, then be aware that you'll need a full suspension bike.

The best tours with the best guides

You'll be guided by our highly skilled tour guides, who know exactly where the very best trails are located. Our tours in Malaga includes shuttle (bus) up to the mountain ranges Pico Mijas and Ojén, which saves you a lot of energy. We’ll arrange a full day of shuttle, where you’ll only get to climb 4-500 metres - but get 3-4000 metres downhill. The other days are roughly 1000 metres climbs and 2000 metres descents.

4 nights, 3 days of MTB

From only 429€

5 nights, 4 days of mtb

From only 559€

Sounds good? Leave us a message, and we'll customize a tour for you. Just let us know, how you want it.