Mountain bike holidays for everyone

Go on a mountain bike holiday with MTB Travels to Altenau in the Harz. Here we’ve got different tour solutions for different desires.

Package tours

With a package tour you can just lean back and relax, while we do all the work. Included is all you’ll need - a nice hotel room, highly skilled tour guides and breakfast all mornings. 

Children's Camp

Our guided day tours are perfect for you, if you happen to be in the area and want to experience the best of Harz with a guide for a day or two. You'll just drop in on a prearranged tour. The tours are for all regardless of experience and physical shape. 

See more here: Children's Camp

Bike rentals

You can rent a mountain bike for our package tours and guided day tours, but you’re also more than welcome to rent a bike, if you wish to experience the Harz by yourself. We’ve got an extensive range of brand new mountain bikes from both Santa Cruz and Ridley.

Spend an extended weekend in the Harz

Experience the best of Harz

Stay at our hotel. Ride the best trails with our highly skilled tour guides. Have lots of fun while  creating lifelong memories. Have a beer and catch up on today's events. That's basically the recipe for our extended weekends.


Don't just take our word for it. Hear it from our customers

My tour with MTB Travels exceeded all of the expectations I could ever have had. The way you’re treating your guests, the concept and the tour guides - everything was just perfect down to the last detail.

Jesper Neumann Jensen

Great experience - right from the initial contact. The tour guides was very friendly, and they sure knew their jobs. The bike rental also went very well - the bike was prepared and ready to take a beating. It was just a great experience, and next time I’ll bring my friends as well!

Kåre Berenthz-Nicolaisen

4 day tour

Crazy about singletrails?



MTB Camps in Altenau


Accommodation at our hotel in Altenau

As our guest in Altenau you'll be accommodated at our partner hotel, where our guides will stay as well. It's a plain and simple hotel in a traditional German style. Breakfast every morning is included and dinner is available for additional purchase. We've also equipped the hotel with all the mountain biking facilities you'll need - such as a secured bike storage, a bike wash and a bike workshop for repairs as well. The hotel is located in the outskirt of the cozy old village Altenau.

You'll be accommodated in a nice doubleroom. Not too fancy, but here is everything you need to recharge your batteries. We've also got singlerooms and dorms for up to 4 people.

All rooms has their own bathrooms. Clean and tidy - and ready for you to take a shower after a long day of mountain biking.

The restaurant will keep your stomach full. Besides from great food, there's also facilities such as secured bike storage, bike wash, bike workshop and much more.

Hotel Drei Bären, Altenau

Auf der Rose 11
38707, Altenau

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